Canadian born, John Campsall, had accomplished watercolor skills in the early 1970ís. He went on to a 12 year career in Stained Glass window and lamp production. After achieving many large and small scale projects, he taught at the Ottawa School of Art.       John then immigrated to the USA in 1980. He located in San Marcos Texas and produced many works through out the state. He also taught Stained Glass at Southwest Texas State University.

  He located in New Mexico in 1985. John also having worked as a paste-up artist and illustrator at American Furniture advertisings. Then in sign design at Albuquerque Screen Print as well as landscape design for Territorial Landscape Co.

  In 1989, John began his own business illustrating for the home and commercial builders, throughout the US. He has produced many works as a rendering artist and a scale model builder.

  John has over forty years of watercolor and oil paintings to his credit. He shows his work in Old Town Albuquerque, New Mexico at Weems Gallery.

  John Campsall is a promising American Artist residing in Albuquerque. He continues to produce watercolor and oil paintings in an artistic venue as well as in his commercial pursuits. Please look him up on his web sight at, for examples of his work.